Zenfone 5z vs OnePlus 6 charging speed and battery drain test

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Battery Capacity ?
– OnePlus 6 have 3300mah Battery
– Asus Zenfone 5z have 3300mah Battery

Charging Rating
– Oneplus 6 5V/4Amp
– Asus Zenfone 5z 9V/2Amp

Battery Optimisation on both is grt with the Snapdragon 845
While the Oneplus 6 comes with 6.3-inch Optic AMOLED Display, Oxygen OS the Zenfone 5z comes with 6.2-inch Super IPS+ LCD Display,Newly designed…

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33 Replies to “Zenfone 5z vs OnePlus 6 charging speed and battery drain test”

  1. hi

    Great video.
    You could've kept the phones switched off throughout the charging or should've kept the phones on throughout. What's this 15minutes of charging when shut down and then switching it on.
    So the timings you've got are hybrid! Can't be considered as pure charging times.

  2. coolpras26

    What I noticed with the 'scheduled charging' was – I had put it on scheduled charging, it charged upto 80% pretty fast normally with it's quick charging then I thought it would stop and only start trickle charging 2 hours before the 'end time' BUT after some time of staying at 80%, it started charging then itself, and it got to full charge several hours BEFORE the 'end time' – Is this some fault or what? Also does it matter what 'start time' you put? Because I've noticed that regardless of 'start time', it starts charging the phone the moment you plug in a charger.

  3. Sameer Ahuja

    You should have also compared the charging speeds on both phones while using them heavily like gaming, video streaming, instagram. That seems like a more real world scenario. Dash charge will still retain its high charging speeds while phone is being used heavily unlike other fast charging methods.

  4. S Jazz

    If u wana pick btwn 5z and OP6.. Jus stop thinkin and pick OP6.. Best Battery Optimization.. Amazing UI interface.. Closest to Stock Android.. Lovely Camera.. And d best Snapdragon chip at market.. And the best 1080p Amoled display.. wit 8gigs ram and 128gb storage variant and Alrdy Android P beta at roll

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