Where Is The iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak? Here Is What We Are Waiting For!

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In this video I talk about the news for the iOS 11.3.1 public jailbreak. We have some important news about the jailbreak. The Electra jailbreak is just round the corner and is completed!

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38 Replies to “Where Is The iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak? Here Is What We Are Waiting For!”

  1. DipsyMum29

    I would rather be jailbroken on the end version of a iOS update if iOS 10 and 11 are anything to go by.
    Whenever apple jump up to a new numerical version it’s a pile of bugs. They’d do best to wait until the final version of iOS 12 for that reason.


    We are still waiting on sparkzheng to release his rootfs code. When this is released, cool star has said that Electra will be released soon. Although, cool star had said that he might have found an exploit, however he said it may mean desoldering the flash storage.

  3. Cyko

    Nice. A 3-minute video to tell us we won't see a jailbreak until September. Can't wait for the next video within 24-hours that will tell us the same thing again! XD

    But seriously though, they could sell their 0-day to Apple and make a lot of money instead….

  4. raymond rosa

    At some point they gonna have to use this 0day exploit u know or they just gonna keep saving it for ios 13 or 14 Etc , i mean ill Use it now if i have 3 cause ios 12 is not gonna be much different than ios 11 or save it for ios 13

  5. XXLYT

    I’d say burn it because everyone is already on 11.2.x/11.3.x and with the jailbreak coming out nobody will be on iOS 12 that wants to jailbreak because people can still get 11.3 b6 if they still wanna jailbreak… so my opinion is no they should just use it.

  6. Rob Coleman

    I'd say they save it. Think about it for a sec; If they burn it now, then %100 it will be patched. If they don't burn it, then hey, we got ourselves a 0day for a iOS 12 Jailbreak. Everyone will be on iOS 12 at one point, and then they will start to complain we have no public exploits or 0days for iOS 12 (If the Electra Team does burn it with their 11.2-11.3.1 JB).

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