Tutorial Macro 1 2016 ( Tips & Trick Macro Phone With Xiaomi Mi4i )

Camera Phone Xiaomi Mi 4i + Lens Bong D.I.Y

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Macro lens

Make sure your lens is perfectly embedded in the back of your phone lenses. Also make sure the lens is clean of dust, grease, or other impurities. If your lens is dirty, clean it.

Camera settings in Hp

Set focus on infinite mode, or if your phone does not have infinite features, can use landscape mode. Essentially turn off auto focus mode on your phone.
For metering mode, select a spot mode. So that the lighting can be concentrated to a designated area only (ignore metering mode if your phone does not support this feature).
Setting the resolution of your camera to the highest resolution. This is useful when you do edit cropping. The images will not break dicropp time.

Focus search

Core macro photo is a detailed focus. Since we have been using a macro lens, then to get the proper focus we can search for it by…

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