Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG V30 – Which is Fastest?

Exynos Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG High end phone Snapdragon 835 LG V30 – Speed comparison!
V30 can now be had a good price!

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34 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG V30 – Which is Fastest?”

  1. icemann8705

    The wifi speed test has very little to do with the phones. It's more a test of which test had more interference during it. If anything run them simultaneously, but still they're running the same wifi standards.

  2. Anthony J

    LG wins because the much lighter UI, touchwiz really slows down Samsung devices. With the LG UI the S9 would of won because SD 845 vs SD 835. Now the G7/V35 will absolutely destroy the S9 as they have the SD 845 and much lighter UI.

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