Samsung Galaxy S8 Honest Review

How does the sleek and sultry Samsung Galaxy S8 stand up? Find out in this honest review.

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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 Honest Review”

  1. calabrese098

    You hold your phone wierd thats why u cant use it with one hand its awkward looking like thats not how u usually use your phone you just held it like that for the video. The sound effects are hella annoying also

  2. UncleBiscuits79

    Hey so I have probably watched EVERY review of the s8 and s8 plus, as I am totally going to get one soon (on order waiting on it from amazon). You are the ONLY reviewer to mention the problems of using it one handed. I have a 6p (that is a big ass phone) and even that one I can use one handed to an extent.

    Does anyone else have a problem with one handed use? It is something I never even thought of.

  3. Ruthven78

    so nice & refreshing finding a review that isnt a paid promo, might be getting one next week but Im more shooting for the camera, it has a lot more features in the camera than the S7 Edge

  4. Sashvin Raj

    Steve, in your honest opinion, would it be necessary to upgrade my Nexus 6p 64gb? i warrantied it recently so huawei gave me a new Nexus 6p 64gb matte gold… why I'm asking is cuz, i know phones are getting faster and all, but my 6p runs stock Android which is smooth most of the time, decent camera, screen and the front facing speakers…. the ageing shows only in the battery life that can't compete with the s8 and stuff ( i get about 4-4.5hrs SOT usually). and slightly slower i guess in terms of speed? and tq

  5. Zokambaa Zokambaa

    I tried the S8 in a store and thought the S8 was perfect for 1 handed use… and I am not a tall guy… so I'm not palming any basketballs… now the S8 Plus.. yeah.. no one handed there… and the 7-edge too… but this was actually better than the old s4 I had been squeezing out my use of before making the switch. The more narrow body makes one hand use easier for me… perhaps there is a bit of a stretch to hit the stupidly placed fingerprint scanner or the very top of the bezel to pull down the settings… but generally I do that 2 handed anyway and it isn't so bad I couldn't reach it. Typing is my only issue and I have that problem with my current phone… the s7 and s8+ were nicer for 2 handed typing in portrait mode… but this is still good… I was actually surprised to see such a big screen on such a small bodied phone…. I'd still get the 8+ but it costs too much for me right now and this has some nice things the 7 series didn't, so I am pulling the plug on the regular s8…. now if I could only find a good glass screen protector… this has been an issue since samsung went away from flat screens

  6. indic tion

    One of the worst and most bias reviews of the phone i have seen. You literally tried to force making the one handed use look difficult when in fact it is very easy. Stop making videos.

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