Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Look [Urdu/Hindi]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is almost here, and we came to MRM-Samsung Smart Hub in Karachi, to check it out.

In this impressions video, we will take a first look at the Note 8 and some of its most talked about features and also talk about how the device and S-Pen feel in the hand. Note 8 will officially arrive in Pakistan after 26th September and we will do a full review once it is here!

Watch our full review of Note 8 here:

Samsung Note 8 Official Introduction:…

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Look [Urdu/Hindi]”

  1. tahir aziz

    Aaj mujhay yeh kehnay main koi aar nhi k aap Pakistan Kay number 1 reviewer hain aap ka detailed style superb accent aap ko sub logoon say mumtaz rakhta hy aaj tak you tube pr Pakistan k kitnay bhi tech channel walay hain woh or kuch sekhay ya na sekhay kam az kam bolna seekhlay is dafa tu Bhai nay kamal krdia bari jaldi 1or video day dia ALLAH bohat bohat traqi say nawazain aap ka channel number 1 channel hoga bohat jaldi ALLAH ki Rehmat or aap ki mehnat ki wajha say khush rhain ALLAH sehat k sath lambi umer atta farmain Ameen

  2. Papa Arima

    Ayy another review! So…

    What do you say about the viewpoint that the S8/S8+ looks far better than the Note 8 because it isn't as squared? I agree to be honest.
    Also, the dual camera module on the back looks…very unsettling and ruins the symmetry of the phone imo. What say you? They should make the module area coloured and centered as well, like LG has done in 2017, that looks much much better.

    On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the Note 8's design language (hardware)? I'd say for me it's around a 6 given I've handled an S8 before and it is a 7.5 in my books. Of course it's subjective. I really dislike what Samsung did with the Note 7 design (which was a 9/10 imo just fingerprint scanner is something I prefer on the back) and made it more…square and gave it an infinity display. So yeah that's all I had to say.

    Btw great video as always! I'll always be here!

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