Pressure builds on iPhone X after weak iPhone 8 sales (CNET News)

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Sales of iPhone 8 are weaker than past launches, putting pressure on Apple’s iPhone X to be a hit amid reports of supply issues.

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40 Replies to “Pressure builds on iPhone X after weak iPhone 8 sales (CNET News)”

  1. InabilityToBeBrief

    So the online store opened a few minutes late. That sucked. I had favorited the phone I wanted. My Apple Pay was all set up. I made the mistake of assuming Apple had their shit together. Wrong. I wanted a Verizon version. I go to buy. Fine. Then, the POS interface asks me for my carrier account confirmation. Oh no……I have filled this out so many times over the years….always a problem. No different today. Info invalid…….try again….info invalid…….same 3 more times…..then….OK…that’s correct! Idiots. Then the effing site wants me to verify my CC info! WTF? Isn’t that the purpose of Apple Pay? I answer….fails 2 times…then works. Then the true idiocy. I’m basically on the last page to buy. It selects a store near me for PU. I didn’t ask for that but OK. Then I click continue and I get a message telling me there are none at this store. No shit! There are none in any stores! There is no delivery check box. That’s it. Just the store. There is some grayed out button underneath it but the text made no sense anyway. Screw it. So 15 minutes wasted. I go to Verizon. I pick the same combo. Skip through all the friendly offers of accessories, cables, dongles, cases, battery extenders, warranty extensions, blah blah blah. I agree that yes, I have to pay for the phone to get it. No I have no trade in. Yes add a line. Done. That’s it. 5 minutes max. So 2 things. Apple Pay, the Apple store, favoriting my phone did me zero good. It was so easy to buy the phone, I think sales are less than stellar. I’ll probably just sell it to some sheep or return it if the reviews are bad in the real world. I won’t open the box until I know.

  2. Thomas Crouch

    Low supply? They do it on purpose. Drum up hype so that desperate idiots line up around the block days in advance and then every news channel around the world reports on it. Free advertising. They are the worlds best marketing company. Have been selling the same phone design for years. At least this time it's something different with the X.

  3. the_Chil1One

    ofc sales wld be weak… no longer is this era whereby putting an apple logo on ? works any longer… when phones are looking all sleek and BEZEL-LESS & this is still basically an iPhone 7 with its over sized bezels & size. & ofc people would rather save up for e X.

  4. nuyou21

    ? It's strange that rumours claim the iPhone 8 isn't selling well, yet it's already outsold the S8, Note 8 and the disastrous Pixel 2 sales combined. Apple must be laughing their heads off right now, but you can guess who's starting these rumours and why. ??

  5. steve m

    They’ve got too greedy. Of course the X will sell well, but there will be a degree of people won’t justify paying 1000 for a phone and not think the 8 is enough of an upgrade.

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