OnePlus 3 Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test – Durability video

Is the ‘Flagship Killer’ OnePlus 3 ready to be durability tested by JerryRigEverything? I perform durability tests on all major smart phones. Bend Test, scratch tests, durability tests. I assess the materials and see what the phone is made of. Literally and figuratively. Join me as I put the newest phone from OnePlus to the test. The One Plus 3. Is the phone really made from a single slab of aluminum? Will the screen scratch as easy as the Galaxy S7 active? Lets find out.

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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47 Replies to “OnePlus 3 Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test – Durability video”

  1. Chinmay bapat

    Jerry you make great videos and it seems that you have a lotta money to scratch, burn & break these devices. I enjoy seeing it.! 😀 😛 But I have a really important suggestion for you, add a phone drop/fall test to your videos for phones because falls & drops are probably more frequent than scratches & bends (for sure). So test the phone's durability by dropping it off the jeans pocket height & our shoulder height (height while standing & texting). This drop will most definitely be as useful as all the other tests if not more. I hope you read this comment & implement my suggestion.

  2. ev0l: Gaming videos

    Warning. I dropped my Oneplus 3T sitting down. The drop was around 30 cm but the phone landed on it's power button that broke. After this it just restard non stop and OnePlus will not cover it since it was a drop damage. First time my phone have broken after a 30 cm drop.

  3. Tom

    My one plus three is a beast. I've dropped it several times accidentally from some height onto very hard surfaces (tiles, concrete etc) and its walked away with tiny scratches and dents on the corners. No broken screen at all no matter how bad the drop looks.

  4. Thunder_ Bolt

    LOL…. when I searched in Internet there a somany complaints about its glass. 1+3 & 1+3T phones are braking even from few inches of height. Just got scared of reviews everywhere in Amazon site, Oneplus forums, Facebook oneplus pages etc….

    Can u drop a phone & check if the screen is not fragile ? I ordered a phone & cancelled it later after checking reviews in many sites.

  5. kaihtheloner

    Got the OnePlus 3 just for the heck of it. I didn't expect it to be made of such quality materials at such a cheap price point. Damn. Hats off to OnePlus for not skimping on the build quality of the phone.

  6. Dean Strydom

    I've found it hard to decide between the nexus 6p and the op3t, as I will need the phone I choose to last me the next few years. After watching your videos I now have great confidence in the op3t lasting me through university. Thanks a lot for being the deciding factor!

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