Moto G4 Plus Review – Hot for all the Wrong Reasons

Moto G4 Plus Review with a look at its camera with samples, heating issues, lag and performance.

The Moto G4 Plus in India comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p display running on Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage. It has a 16MP rear camera, 5MP front-camera and runs on Android Marshmallow.

You can jump to any part of the Moto G Plus (2016) Review from here:
1. Intro (00:00)
2. Build Quality & Design (00:53)
3. Fingerprint Sensor (01:37)
4. Display (02:23)
5. Network & Call Quality ( 02:41)
6. Audio Quality (03:27)
7. Camera (04:04)
8. Gaming (06:13)
9. Software – Features, Storage, USB OTG (06:53)
10. Performance – Web Browsing, Speed Test, RAM Management (07:50)
11. Battery-life – Screen-on-time (SOT) (9:19)
12. Conclusion – Pros & Cons (08:34)

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47 Replies to “Moto G4 Plus Review – Hot for all the Wrong Reasons”

  1. Musab Rizvi

    i using moto g4 plus and i dont have any problem with the shape and placement of finger sensor unlike other phone like mi which have sensor at the back which is useless i mean why at the back. the only problem i am facing is battery drainage by turbo charging which i have to charge with normal charger

  2. b1prince

    all these bloddy people have accepted UTKOCH from xiaomi ….. the chinese phone who hardly have any offline presence, no dealer network, pathetic after sales service. They just fed these bloggers.

  3. P S

    Does the Moto G4 plus heat up if you use it for long phone calls? I only want the phone for good quality phone calls, and maybe taking pics once in a while, I could not care less about any games on the phone, I do that on my tablet.

  4. Vital Ral

    Blught 3 moto g4 plus. Two of them went bad in about 4 months.
    Ghost touchscreen issue and it turns itself off saying low battery bit i turn it back on and all of a sudden the battery is at 75%. In 3-5 minutes it turns itself off again. Thers something weird with them.

  5. Axel Foley

    Honestly, we see penny-pinching here, Motorola did a deal with Qualcomm to buy leftover stock of the Snapdragon 617 chip, but this left us with a shitty overheating under-performing phone, so you see the mentality of Motorola now, they think we are stupid, as if we wouldn't notice, and just so Motorola (owned by Lenovo < Chinese company) could make more money. This miser business mentality IS EVIL!!

    This type of business practice is sickening, compromising our experience, giving us garbage. Stop buying Motorola! Vote with your wallet, and don't reward Motorola for their disrespect and greed.

    And now we see Motorola has 'removed' the IPX7 water-resistance which was on the Moto G3, WTF? Deliberate omissions, you must not reward Motorola, they consider us as fools.

    And where is Gorilla Glass 4? < This is standard now, even on cheaper phones, it is better than Gorilla Glass 3. Many people with Gorilla Glass 3 scratch their phone, but with Gorilla Glass 4 no scratches. Gorilla Glass 3 was on the Moto G3! So now we see Motorola saves money again and puts it on the Moto G4? Quite stupid! Motorola doesn't care about you, Motorola cares about their own pocket, to keep more of your money in their pocket!

    All this because the Chinese asshole who runs Lenovo wants to be filthy rich. The manager of Motorola has deleted important features, undermining performance of the G4 hoping he will make his reputation to the CEO of Lenovo when the numbers come-in at the end of the year, but this is shitting on our face just so he can look good with higher profit-margins. It is moronic, the excessive pennypinching!

    Please dudes, fellow phone-users, don't tolerate it! This phone has problems, don't reward Motorola with your money.

    You can get an Xiaomi Mi5 for the same price, and the Xiaomi Mi5 HAS EXACTLY THE SAME SPECS AS THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S7!

    Don't let Motorola/Lenovo shit on your face! Motorola could have spent a few more cents for the Snapdragon 652 chip and IPX7 water-resistance and we would have been good-to-go, but no, Motorola is managed by greedy people. There was a time when the Moto G series was good, but now the value-for-money aspect is no longer there, so Motorola needs to suffer the consequences, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! Get an Oppo or a Vive or a Meizu or an Xiaomi, this Moto G4 Plus has archaic specs!

    Okay, I admit it, I sound serious, but actually this is no laughing matter. Motorola need to learn, and needs to stop disrespecting you. It doesn't matter what Motorola's excuses are, there is no excuse, they play dirty by stealth and their prerogative to grind your money off you, truly!

    The power of the pen is mightier than the gun.

    I am here to use the power of the pen to inform you…

    PS: The Moto G4 Plus has a big ugly body too.

  6. AkS

    Are the heating issues still not solved yet?? As I am going to buy this phone by 1 week and I am not a gamer just a regular tech user who want camera sd slot and latest Android version

  7. Rishabh Aneja

    My phone was ideal for 2 hrs but when i click the fingerprint sensor it does not respond but when i click the power button than it start working.. Sometimes it happen.. is their an issue

  8. Pramod Singh

    BEWARE !!dont buy this.too much problems.phn goes dead for weeks.tried everythng to restart, hard boot and all.all in vain .after replacement(very hard to convince) even thing is same.

  9. Roger Løvendahl

    Have had this device for some days now. The phone has been used heavily, both camera, webbrowsers, YouTube and other general apps. No heating issues at all. I can't find any errors on this phone at all. I went from a sony z3 to g4plus – No regrets! Camera on z3 is a little better, but harder to use, so the pro-functions on z3 wasn't beeing used anyway. With that in mind, the moto g4 plus is in fact a better choise, and I would recommend it to anyone, any day! ?

  10. drjeyvanthjeyasingh

    hi sir please give your valuable comment regarding moto g4 plus

    1) as per on september 20th do wen still hav the heating issue???……………………………………………………………….

    2) according to thermodynamics law heat produced by a the machine has to be cooled for better functioning that is how all machines work and the company would have designed the mechanism in tha way.(universal law in producing a machine)
    My question at this point is can software update can bring reduction in heat if so how?…………………………………

    3) usually if machine is getting heat cooling mechanism activates and helps in reducing the heat for this power supply will be used from the battery itself are u facing in decreased battery capacity because of this issue?????…………………..

    4)moreover moto g4+ has a non removable battery in case if battery problems arises in the future how should it be sorted out?…………………………………………………….

    kindly give an expert opinion for these 4 question.
    thank you.

  11. Duncan Wynn Jr

    Let me get this straight. You're using a device with a CPU known for its heating issues for extended graphically intensive gaming ( GIG ) AND extensive photography sessions?! Seriously?!? May I respectfully remind you that the Moto G4 Plus ( And , for that matter, midrange devices generally) isn't designed for that, .Personally if I were going to be taking a lot of pics with a smartphone., I'd be using my Nokia 808 Pureview as it has a wayyyy better camera ?. And if I were going to do a lot of GIG , I'd be using a more powerful device such as the Priv or the HTC 10 or the Huawei Mate 8 .. you get the idea. . Cheers!

  12. Goutham Penaganti

    guys ,i need a solution to my prblm..actually while i was in a phone call , my moto g4+ was geting screen off and the screen was not getting on till the phone call gets ended…and that too i was unable to cut the call…its was just screening please tell me a solution for dis..

  13. Karan Singh

    I am still going to buy it because it feels better in hand than rn3 and ive never been a fan of fingerprint sensor below the camera lens,moreover the moto g4+ has a gorilla glass which is much better than the screen provided by redmi.I was using mi4i before and the screen shattered totally when it fell from my bed and miui get updates late,moto on the other hand gets the fastest android updates.You can buy earphones from sony or any other brand cause if you really are a big fan of bass and dubstep like i am i dont think you'll ever use the earphones provided with the phone itself.

  14. Aamir RoCCo

    at last a satisfied review. thanx man..
    i was going to buy g4plus just because of its an upgrade model of g3.
    can u please tell me Do redmi note3 is good for long run for at least 1year

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