This is an old version of MICROMAX but still it is in the race of the price of the phone is bring down from 9k to 6k by the Company. At 9k I don’t recommend it but if you get a deal @ Rs. 6 to 6.5 k, then you can go for it.

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  1. Supriya Day

    I am using this phone… This phone was not good for gaming and big application.. And ram management was not good.. And browser open any time automatically.. And automatically installed harmful applications with out our permission . That hang the phone… But camara and battery was good..

  2. Jee Jee

    am using the phone… performance wise the phone is gud..this guy is giving a fake review….. the major draw back of the phone is it automatically installs unwanted apps without our permission. it has lots of preinstalled unwanted apps.. i hav not installed any apps other than which it was provided in the phone.. i keep uninstalling the auto installed apps and later it keeps coming bak. what this guy xplains is fake according to me… it doesnt heat up and battery dont drain tat much quickly or thr is vision prob.. .. major draw bak is the auto installation of the unwanted apps … privacy not safe….

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