LG G6 vs Apple iPhone 7 Speed Test – Which is Faster?

LG G6 vs Apple iPhone 7 Speed Test – Which is Faster?



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49 Replies to “LG G6 vs Apple iPhone 7 Speed Test – Which is Faster?”

  1. Joel

    Its not even the hardware. Android is just a shit OS from the kernel level and always will be unless it is completely redesigned from the ground up, bit by bit. iOS is lightyears ahead and always will be. Unless apple simply fires their software R & D department, android will always be playing catch up on the mobile front and windows will always be playing catch up on the desktop front. And it's to no surprise since apple essentially invented the modern mouse based GUI desktop environment with the Macintosh/Lisa and windows was simply a half baked knock-off of it. Same with the mobile market, Apple invented the modern multi-touch smart phone and android, like windows, is a half baked knock-off. The imitation loses every time. Even with technically inferior hardware specs, apple consistently crafts a far superior overall device and experience with every product they make. They do more with less than anybody in the tech world ever has. Unrivaled optimization and coordination/harmony between hardware AND software is what defines them.

  2. Omri Ratson

    IPhone 7 – 750 x 1334 pixels (~326 ppi pixel density)
    LG G6 – 1440 x 2880 pixels (~564 ppi pixel density)

    We can't call it a fair test no matter how hard we try.
    And like others mentioned before me we can't compare Apps for Android vs IPhone since it's develop for a range of devices instead of just one (I'm a software developer). Try to think about it like games that are develop for PC vs games that are develop for 1 console.
    Of course in the end result a user cares for how fast the device is loading and staff (network etc.) so I guess we can say IPhone wins?
    I'm more of an android person, used to have IPhone 3GS back in the day 🙂

  3. Daniel Stanford

    Why do you keep saying unfortunately? I love android and iOS but the iPhone destroys the competition. We should be praising apple because it keeps the competition striving a better product which is good for the consumer. Also, just because the adreno scored higher on the gpu bench doesn't mean android is somehow better for games. Games are better optimized and run better on iOS regardless.

  4. Xavier I. F.

    I've had iphone for years now but I really would like to change and try any of this top android, like G6 or S8… The truth is that I really love that "bigger" and brighter screens (compared to that iphone 6/7 non + model). On the other hand, that iphone processor kick asses!

  5. Aquib Shaikh

    Apps for iOS are designed and optimized to run only on 1 phone or 1 specific architecture.
    If we compare that to android, apps have to be optimized for each and every SoC available on market.
    ^Thats the answer why apps on apple run faster.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Syuna

    Lmfao android will always be behind they are like amd an apple is like Nvidia, apple fkn destroys android there's a reason why it's expensive it ain't no cheap plastic garbage like android ??

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