Is the iPhone XR Screen That Bad? | Display, Speakers and Camera Compared with the Google Pixel 3 XL

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I’ve got a comparison for you today. iPhone XR vs Google Pixel 3. I think this is a real choice for a lot of people. Both single lens camera systems and both around about the same price.

I don’t think had these phones long enough to give you a full review yet. So I’m just going to compare, for now at least the screen the sound and the cameras. But look out for my full reviews of both coming to Btekt very soon.

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Slightly different format for this one. Let me know what you think down below.

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20 Replies to “Is the iPhone XR Screen That Bad? | Display, Speakers and Camera Compared with the Google Pixel 3 XL”

  1. dunno yolo

    Google always builds cheap quality phones. Googles the best ankle monitor you can buy. And anyone that uses their phone for music has lost there minds there no real quality its compressed. Thats why you have a awesome car stereo or home system period.

  2. jimmyk0147

    People listen stop talking about Oled screen quality people who talk like that obviously isn't in tech because anyone with common sense knows that only certain amount of pixels is visible to the human eye so with that being said the xr is a beast dont let the specs fool u I returned my xs max because I was surprised how good the quality of the xr is

  3. Chris Cressey

    In my view , Apple has no excuse as every other phone has hd+ display and OLED too, yet it is £750? This says to me that people are paying just forthe Apple name. For £699 I'm even more convinced my Sony XZ3 was a great choice.

  4. Adam Butler

    Great content, but for me the best bit about your videos is your personal flair. Really connects but stands out. The way you deliver key points really hits home too. Excited for the next vid. Good stuff

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