iPhone XS Max (A12 Bionic) vs OnePlus 6 (Snapdragon 845): fastest iPhone vs fastest Android phone

The best, most powerful #iPhoneXsMax against the most powerful Android phone! Let the battle begin.

#oneplus6 #AndroidvsiOS #performance

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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35 Replies to “iPhone XS Max (A12 Bionic) vs OnePlus 6 (Snapdragon 845): fastest iPhone vs fastest Android phone”

  1. SteBonMon

    iPhone can't multi task. That alone is a killer for me… I wanted multi window way back when, and Samsung did it first, then just all of Android. So I'm happy with pretty much any Android that can do all that on one screen xD.

  2. Davout

    3DMark is not a good test cuz it is better optimized for android which are using vulkan while A12 GPU is on Metal and it is not well optimized for 3DMark in test like geekbench and in antutu then gpu score is higher on A12 GPU even the A11 gpu is better the adreno 630 plz correct that in your video 🙂

  3. The neural Engine

    i am a iphone fan as we can see one plus has 8gb ram but iphone with only 4gb and battery is almost same in both phones but iphone has longer battery life guys whatever may be price of iphone but its awesome compared to android as i am a iphone se user i had a great experience with iphone

  4. Eric Willoughby

    Just remember, you are literally paying half when you go for the OnePlus 6! Adding that to the fact that it's just slightly slower, I would rather get the OnePlus 6, but I am waiting for the notch craze to go away.

  5. Tesseract9630

    Actually ARM cortex a75 architecture can get close to apple chips. That is why Exynos 9810 in galaxy s9 has a higher single core score(approx 3600) ,much higher that sd 845 score of 2400. Qualcomm screwed up A75 architecture with their custom kryo cores( although the did good with adreno gpu). Anyway cortex A76 next year can easliy make it over 4000 on geekbench single core since it said to have vastly improved architecture. But Qualcomm will ruin it again with their custom kryo cores and we will probably be get around 3500 single core on sd 855(or whatever it is called).

  6. abhi s

    This speed test is kinda irrelevant. Apple fans actually don't care the specs or performance comparison. For them whatever Tim Cook has said at launch is the ultimate truth.
    XS and XS Max have started exhibiting some serious issues. Low wifi and cellular reception and the worst is the charging issue. Many XSs have been reported having a charging problem and the phone won't charge unless you tap the screen or won't unlock while charging or won't charge at all unless you keep the screen unlocked.
    That's a hell lot of problems for 1000+$.

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