iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 Plus SPEED Test!

Real World Speed Test of iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus! Just How Fast is the A11 Bionic in 8 Plus? Ultimate Speed Test & Benchmarks.

iPhone 8 Plus Camera Test:

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45 Replies to “iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 Plus SPEED Test!”

  1. Cliff Gamer

    You seriously gave so many excuses for the lack of speed on the iPhone 8 Plus and bitched about the 7 plus even when the 7 Plus fared better than the 8 Plus in water test, speed test, etc. iPhone 7 for the win!

  2. Stephen Guy

    It's hilarious watching the iphone 7 plus zipping ahead of the 8 plus and then listening the narrator making excuses for the 8 plus. It's obvious that the 8 plus would have better benchmark scores. What's real interesting is to see the real world application. It's almost like he is begging the 8 plus to speed up. When he sees a positive result, his excitement is severely notable. For the price you pay in summer of 2018, the 7 plus is a real good deal.

  3. emilxert

    Спасибо, Филипп, я думал, что после того, как уронил 8+, он начал лагать, а выходит, что всю жизнь лагает на 11 оси

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