iPhone 6S : iOS 12.1 Final vs iOS 12.0.1 Speed Test (Build 16B92 / 16B93)

Apple released iOS 12.1 shortly after their event as expected, it comes with group Facetime, new emojis and much much more. The last Beta of iOS 12.1 did show a slight decrease in performance, but hopefully that has been solved in the final
release. I will again do the side by side speed test, but as this is a final release, I will also shoot a specific iOS 12.1 Battery test video. This takes about 2 days to shoot and edit, so expect it online no later than Friday.

Lets test !

iPhone 8 videos will return shortly.

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faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.


Jeremy Blake

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25 Replies to “iPhone 6S : iOS 12.1 Final vs iOS 12.0.1 Speed Test (Build 16B92 / 16B93)”

  1. m1rchegfn

    I've got a significantly worse battery life with iOS 12.1 on iPhone 6s. My battery capacity is at 97%, so that's not the issue. The phone started to drain the battery 30% quicker than before.

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