IPHONE 6 & 6S PLUS vs S120 & FLIP

Dan gets the new iPhone 6S Plus to replace his old 6 Plus. Since the new phone is supposed to have image stabilization for video he decides to do a camera showdown. Its a showdown comparing the cameras walking around the house and in low light. Is the 6S plus as good as they say? Find out!

Camera’s used:

Flip Ultra HD
Canon Powershot S120
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Apple iPhone 6S Plus



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7 Replies to “IPHONE 6 & 6S PLUS vs S120 & FLIP”

  1. Bohemian Toast

    You know what's tricky is that the difference in audio quality actually affects how you judge the overall video quality. So like the iPhone has a way worse mic than the S120, and that makes the iPhone footage actually seem to look worse. But it's a trick of perception. Would be better to just turn audio off and also to put them side by side splitscreen if you have software that can do that

  2. pugsaysmeow

    Awesome video! I am counting down the hours until my iphone 6s plus arrives from who-knows-where, China. I'm planning on using it for vlogging so this was a great sneak peek at what I can look forward to. That Canon S120 really does capture some seriously crystal clear footage. So smooth and seamless! Thanks for the comparison!

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