iPhone 4s vs Android Part 3: Apple Fanboy (The Shattering)

Apple fanboys say the darnedest things.

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26 Replies to “iPhone 4s vs Android Part 3: Apple Fanboy (The Shattering)”

  1. Gerfall

    15 year old girls clearly won't give a damn about what phone has a faster processor or which phone has more features. It's fucking pointless arguing about it.

    I own a Galaxy Nexus, but I could care less if someone has an iPhone 4 and claims it's the best phone around. Everyone has their opinions. There is no point in being a child about it. It's a god damn cell phone.

  2. zorg729

    Why fight for Apple when they have to apologize for 6 months to Samsung for constantly suing them claiming patent infringement and holding the release of Samsung's new phones because they know it's gonna hurt them? Why fight for a side that KNOWS they're losing? If you want to cool, I'll just keep loving my Android.

  3. bubbles24678

    When I got my new phone this year my dad let me try out his android…I hated it it was really low quality and there was nothing I found fun about it, I've dropped my iPhone multiple times and it's never shattered.

  4. Frogsplash27

    Nice video! To think i was actually going to buy a piece of garbage iphone 4. But instead i thought hmmm.. ill get a Droid phone which is way better and so much more customization options and stuff.

    Iphone-Simplistic and easy to use a caveman can do it
    Android- Just Better.

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