iOS 13.3 Released! Final Review

iOS 13.3 released! Final iOS 13.3 review with all the new features.

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32 Replies to “iOS 13.3 Released! Final Review”

  1. Kristhian Mdr

    I have a problem with this update when I try to Bluetooth my boseone ear it takes years to pair them 🙁 and it's no a problem with my heahdphones cause I connect it with others and it works and it's faster, less than 5 seconds ,😭😭😭

  2. Paul Day

    Ever since I’ve updated to the newest iOS 13.3, I haven’t been able to backup to iTunes. I get an error message “ reading from or writing to” on any Apple MacBook or Mac I try.

  3. Joshua T

    Hey got this brick bug when watching a video on reddit and was playing over Bluetooth with sound. I pulled down CC and force touched the media player and switched devices from Bluetooth to iPhone and as it was still switching I quickly tapped out and then tried tapping out of CC but my whole screen froze with a non working CC and I couldn’t get out of it and it was hard to even hard restart my phone I have to try it 4 times and it finally hard restarted and my phone got super super hot.

  4. Lucas

    2:55 my HTC ONE M9 is still being updated so I suggest you do your research.

    And why such hate on Android, as a person who has used an Android for 2 years I can safely say it's a very good experience.

    And yes I do have an iPhone, I got the 8 Plus.

  5. Reda

    Hey bro i just figured a new feature, open keyboard-> go to emojis and go to the bottom ones and slide left and right between them 🤗 for example: slide between the ball and the flag

  6. Angel C.

    I still use my iPod touch 6g and I still get new updates, I’m very glad they still support such a simple device like the iPod, it’s even faster than a some modern androids that I have, i will always choose and love iOS over android its simplicity is just plain gorgeous.

  7. Ark Lor

    I have question regarding battery health. I am using iphone xs for 14 months already. Before i updated to iosb13.3 battery health was 96%. After the update the health dropped 93% :/
    Is this normal?

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