iOS 12 & watchOS 5 Review

Lisa Gade covers the new features in iOS 12 and watchOS 5 released by Apple in 2018 for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. These include group FaceTime, an improved DND Bedtime Mode, Screen Time for iPhone and iPad, revamped apps, and new gestures for the iPad. She talks about performance and stability too, and there’s good news in those areas! iOS 12 is compatible with the iPhone 5s and newer, iPad 5th gen and newer (basically any device already compatible with iOS 11) and watchOS 5 is…

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33 Replies to “iOS 12 & watchOS 5 Review”

  1. Tams80

    I don't like Apple products much, but my iPhone 5S has gotten iOS 12, meanwhile my Galaxy Note Edge last got an (very delayed) update 2 years ago, and it's over a year newer! iOS while limiting has some great features and while I like the Samsung Gear watches the Apple Watch can do quite a bit more.

  2. Mike S

    I upgraded my iPad to IOS 12 and had a huge problem with photos. Didn’t lose any images in Cameraroll but did loose all my folders. Called Apple and they were no help.

  3. Ryu E

    I updated last night on my iPhone X and I’m surprised that’s its pretty stable it’s smooth asf , one bug I did notice with chase bank app if you use the Face ID with it will crash the app so developers need to release updates

  4. TheRob

    I dont understand how ppl care about Animojis. Maby it’s a USA thing. How can Apple talk about such a blah thing. No more Apple for me (after 10 years with an iPhone).

  5. Valküre

    Hate it! User interface on 11 was awesome. This is shit. Separating the apps overview from control center was a big mistake and make the new gestures makes it much more difficult controlling it. Regret updating..

  6. קארטיוב

    iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, ios…. What is really the difference. iOS is so outdated, the ecosystem is so closed… Android and win 10 are so ahead. I am a 6 month apple products user, MacBook pro and iPad 2018, and all I can say it's the most unstable, unreliable and outdated experience I have ever had.

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