iOS 11: Notes

In this video, I take a look at the improvements made to the Notes app in iOS 11, including native support for tables, a new document scanning feature and some new settings for controlling the in-app experience.

If you have any questions or comments on anything in this video, please feel free to get to touch with Sherwin:
Twitter: @TechOS_
Instagram: @tech_os
Thank you very much for watching and see you in the next…

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17 Replies to “iOS 11: Notes”

  1. Alicen Wonderland

    Ok so is it possible to highlight a word or mark up the copy on the body of the text? I cannot seem to be able to highlight anything I have written:/. It draws this line when i click a mark up tool and I can draw on the empty part of the page but that’s it:/. Can you help ? Thank you ??

  2. DW DW

    Brilliantly done! Straight to the point, Clear well spoken. I'm just getting around to actually finding the time to learn those smaller bits of information to make life even easier. Thank you for putting the time into making this video, helped me a lot.

  3. Marc Novell

    Great stuff Sherwin! Just what I wanted. New iPad user coming from Android tablets. It's all new and all a journey. Thank you so much for your tutorial. Hoping there will be many more fine explanations of apps and instructions, you have a gift. Liked and subscribed. Also, keep in mind not all users are getting up to speed, some are starting from a dead stop. I've watched it twice and it has helped me learn to use Notes. Thanks again. Cheers

  4. Ghassan Alrahal

    dear ones
    i have a problem and i need your help, i have ipad air1 and i have updated it to ios11 when i go to the notes app i cannot go inside the old files in there, which i have written before the update. it is infront of me but it is not active i can’t go in.
    with my best regards

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