How to fix Cydia Crashing on iOS 9.3.5 Phoenix Pwn

How to fix Cydia Crashing on 9.3.5 that occurred to me the first time I attempted to jailbreak my iPad mini. I hope this helps you out, leave a like, and subscribe. Any questions? Comment below or on twitter.

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6 Replies to “How to fix Cydia Crashing on iOS 9.3.5 Phoenix Pwn”

  1. MBGamer YT

    This is what I was searching for but why so much dislike ?john is right you gotta restore your iOS 9.3.5 butJohn I got a question… If I restore from iTunes on pc if I restore my iPad thew iTunes will I totally get unjailbroken ? Actually I want to get unjailbroken cause it first worked well but then I got same prob like u so yea if I restore threw iTunes my problem will be 100 solved ? I sub you anyways please answer thanks!

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