Affordable Samsung S8 clone from China HOMTOM S8 Review (ENGLISH, in-depth, hands-on). Watch HOMTOM S8 review if you are looking for a phone that looks like S8 with 18:9 infinity display for a low price.

HOMTOM S8 Price and where to buy:

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  1. Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    That's not tempered glass that they gave you it's plastic. You have to be very careful buying phones like this. All these videos where people say that they're " very durable" are super misleading. Even more so when you're saying they're more durable than Samsung. They're super cheap which is great but that's with good reason. They're constantly making new models so people tend to buy new ones more often. That means there really hasn't been any tests done to see how long they actually last or how it works further down the road. ( Most are more worried about quantity than they are quality and are made with cheaper parts that tend to only have a certain shelf life before you have to replace it again. It's how they rope you into thinking you're getting a deal hoping you'll be a return customer. ) Not saying all are bad just that an opinion solely based off the appearance about the durability is exactly that, an opinion not made by actually using it.

  2. Deju Dee

    Don't buy this phone I ever buy that phone before this only 1month my statusbar can't swipe down I can't touch the status bar to pull down…this is made in China it not original

  3. Jurgs Schbach

    It's a great phone for the price… that's for sure. My great disappointment is the lack of signal strength. I am unable to make or receive calls when at home. No signal, zip. I have naturally tried all corners of the house without success. My flatmate (Samsung S8) and my former phone a Nokia 520 both get good reception. All three phones use the same service provider, Telstra who have the best coverage in Australia. Even when i'm in town the reception waivers and drops in and out. The now nearly 5 yr old Nokia 520 is solid as. The battery whilst average is passable with fast charging.. but when I loose 40-5% overnight without doing anything and with most functions that chew power turn off it does annoy! Like I said the phone itself is great, if only it had better reception …. maybe i got a dud?

  4. joe izchaki

    Unfortunately this phone doesn't have 850/1900 Mhz WCDMA so it'll only work on GSM in the US which means EDGE speeds internet. And will only work on 1 carrier in Canada which still uses GSM on the rest it'll not work cause it they use WCDMA and LTE only. And it'll only work on 1 Carrier for LTE in Canada as well. I'd say no one in North America should buy this phone.

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