Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL // Real World Speed Test!

This is a Real World Speed Test With the Galaxy S9+ and Pixel 2 XL
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46 Replies to “Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL // Real World Speed Test!”

  1. Mav

    There is definitely something wrong with your pixel. I did the same startup the same time 3 times and it beats the s9+. Also yours is really slow opening apps. If you want you can go and look at 3 other speed tests between the 2 phones you will see there is an issue with your pixel.

  2. Wavy Brazy

    The problem with this cancerous comment section is that they aren't used to Samsung beating up other companies, whenever Samsung is lacking they always make it up somehow, first with the s7, and now with the s9, some of Samsung's best years…and just to clarify, the pixel 2 is still one of the fastest phones but ram management is where Samsung finally takes it against every phone it competed against, the iPhone X got destroyed, one plus 5t got destroyed, mate 10 pro was close but still got destroyed.

  3. Harris Cheng

    Did anyone notice that both devices launch the same game, Pixel 2 XL get adpated to 18:9 while s9 is still showing 16:9? Is it the problem of the game or the device itself? Cuz having a 18:9 on almost every video and game is really great otherwise it will be a waste of the screen.
    Anyway s9 is indeed faster? but I'm still in love with my Pixel 2 XL with pure Android ?

  4. Benn

    I don't know what Kevin has done to his Pixel 2 XL but it seems notably slower than my one – His one hung for a while whilst restarting whilst mine took a fraction of the time. Seems a bit off to me.

  5. Ankit S Vineeth

    I think the pixel 2 had a software update …that's y it took so long to boot up… That black loading bar under the Google logo comes only when the device is restarted after an downloading an update.

  6. Rishik Mourya

    Samsung is always better, only late update problem is there, nothing else, Samsung UI don't lags anymore, there are other things to notice, like better selfi in pixel but better portrait in Samsung, better speakers in pixel but no headphone jack, unlimited storage in pixel but no sdcard slot, no dual SIM, no live translation, not 6 gig ram, no infinity display, low colour saturation in pixel, no dual aperture,……
    And still Samsung is way cheaper than pixel 2 xl

  7. limpkit2011

    now this, this people is the right way to do a speed test. no one on the planet just clicks on apps then home then opens another app then home then opens a game while a timer is going off in the background. thank you Tech Ninja

  8. Noel nolastname

    These reviewers don't understand that "Samsung lag" is how it slows down over time. The phone just came out, it's a new processor, obviously it's gonna be faster. What matters is 7 months from now, when the Galaxy really slows down, bogged down by its own skin

  9. Lord of the Jungle

    First off Samsung S9+ not only a SD845 but 6gb of ram to the Pixel 2XL SD835 and 4gb ram.. Looks like S9 has priority over Wi-Fi because I tried my Pixel 2 and my apps were shooting up just like the S9 in this video. Even disabling HDR would have helped if you're just shooting for fast shutter. Didn't pull up Google maps which would have been nice because that is used in a real day to day scenario.

  10. William Dawson

    he most have done something to the pixel, I have the old one, and u see the lag that pixel 2 is doing when he presses and app or goes home….like damn. my pixel one doesn't even do that. and that's phone is newer…idk what he did, but he did something to make that phone get slowed down, I don't ever have any stutter problems or lag that his pixel 2 is having when I have the pixel 1

  11. Tom Alawatte

    Dude your Pixel 2 xl old and S9+ is brand new, if you wanna do this kind of testing you should use brand new phones next time. Android phones are know to slow down after few months of usage no matter which company, manufacturer they are from. That's a unique Android thing. Use both brand new phones next time.

  12. Beastly G

    I haven't seen any Samsung lag for years. Their problem is they slow down over time. They're always snappy out of the box, they just don't tend to stay that way. The irony is that's due to poor garbage file recycling which eats up free ram and cache over time and not a "heavy skin" as most people seem to think. Samsung's skin isn't really any "heavier" than stock anymore.

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