Galaxy S9 Samsung One UI Review: New Design in Android Pie

My Beta Review for Note 9:
Galaxy S9 First 10 Things:
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35 Replies to “Galaxy S9 Samsung One UI Review: New Design in Android Pie”

  1. Aaron B

    I hate it….I fucking hate it, I’m not using my phone until they Samsung gets rid of this ugly ass update, they’ve ruined my phone
    If they don’t change this then I genuinely will get a new phone

  2. Richard Hernandez

    Go to the the little dots. Then select button order and there should be a screen record feature. The thing is that my girlfriend has it but I don't, does anyone know how to turn it on or to find it in the settings???

  3. PT

    My s9+ had significant performance increases with pie update..I use to do 260k on antutu, now I'm hitting 280k and mines can run "refinery" at a smooth frame rate now, not quite 60fps but acceptable..

  4. Saul Aceituno

    It's a great update so far. The only thing I have a small problem with is the navigation bar. They took off the small dot on the left the you have to double tap to hide the navigation bar. Now I can't hide it and I like swiping to show the nav bar and hide it when I don't need it. Hope they bring that back in a patch.

  5. Cary David Hoffson

    Now know one can say samsung has not done anything to their phones to make them different now with this is what you have been waiting for to happen to their phones and big phones this is the most different kind of update they have ever done in coming up with something that is new for their phones

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