Galaxy S9 Camera vs LG G4 from the Perspective of a Real User – Is it Worth Upgrading?

This is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera (not S9+) after using it for a month. If you just want to see the comparison to the old LG, skip to: 5:06

Is it really worth upgrading? Well, if you’re using a smartphone from the last 1 – 3 years and you’re still happy with it, I don’t see why you would. Many of the hyped features are things the average user won’t really notice or care about in day to day use. The camera is WAY better in low light but the old phone still holds solid for day…

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17 Replies to “Galaxy S9 Camera vs LG G4 from the Perspective of a Real User – Is it Worth Upgrading?”

  1. derekisthematrix

    Have a G4. First, thank you for a professional quality review and comparison. I've been in the same boat for a while now (upgrade or not) and I'd only do it for the camera. Question: my main reason for upgrading is indoor shots of my moving kids. Do you think the S9 aperture is wide enough to up the shutter speed so my kids aren't a blur? I assume you'd have to be in manual mode for this as Samsung likely defaults to slow shutter and wide aperture to maximize amount of light hitting the sensor? Thanks!

  2. Mark Nemeth

    Put V10 camera app on G4 and use manual mode & RAW format.. in picture quality (especially in macro shots) this hardware is still a beast.. I wont upgrage it for a little while I think..

  3. arthuraz

    I have an LG G4 since 2016 and since it started to constantly power off and on again for no apparent reason, I'm seriously considering buying the S9+ or the V30, but still couldn't make my mind up. I value camera and CPU/chipset quality and increased battery life. Would you recommend it?

  4. Sr. D

    Everyone coming to this video, lg g4 users mostly, it's looking not just for your opinion and camera samples wich it's good, but to see each one side by side to see the difference in size with the new 18:9 aspect ratio and some performance test in some game, that's basically why despite being a good video you are getting dislikes, cause it's a deceiving tittle, that could be called s5 or pixel or whatever worth upgrading to s9.

  5. RuedasLocas

    LG have great hardware. On manual mode also have a lot of settings to mess with. The video is much better if you use "rubberbigpepper.lgCamera", the auto focus problem basically disappears.

  6. twent10

    Very interesting video. Definitely makes you think! All that hype over every new device, is it worth it!
    Should you replace your current phone which you are more than happy with, just because of new device hype???

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