Galaxy S8 Gallery App Tutorial | Pictures, Albums, Stories, Copy to SD Card

Get to know the Gallery App on your Galaxy S8. The 12 megapixel camera takes amazing photos so you need to keep all those awesome shots organized. Today I show you how to sort, search, view by location, check stories and a few tips along away. Leave a comment about your favorite Gallery feature in the comments below!

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44 Replies to “Galaxy S8 Gallery App Tutorial | Pictures, Albums, Stories, Copy to SD Card”

  1. Sharon Gravelle

    Is it possible to delete pictures after they have been added to an album without them being deleted from the album? ie: After I have added photos to an album they still show up under the "pictures" tab. When I delete them under the "pictures" tab they disappear from the album they were moved to. Seems to me that you end up with duplicate photos after you organize them into

  2. J. C.

    I like to use the stories feature to create a slideshow. My problem is that the pictures that get shown sometimes slightly scroll to the right. Sometimes the picture scrolls down. When a picture is of someone on the right hand side of a photo, it scrolls them off of the screen. Is there any way to control which way the photos scroll? A bunch of photos are useless because it scrolls people out the way as the image appears, unfortunately.

    I have a Galaxy S8

  3. Paul Michael James

    I'm on the Galaxy Note 9 and when I first got it and I went into the image gallery to look at pictures the background behind the images used to be white and after a few seconds it would turn black. After an update now I don't have that option anymore to look at my images against a white background. It's automatically a black background. Is there a way in the Galaxy Note 9 that I can change it back to White? It affects my ability to perceive pictures properly for the purpose of sharing on social media like Instagram which uses a white background. Thank you

  4. Traveling Outdoorsman

    I was wondering if you could help me:
    When i try to put images in an album
    It then shows those images (that i just put in an album) at the top of my photo's. Its a bit anoying to see those images at the top when let's say (i want to send an image to someone)

  5. Survivrs

    Mmm…thanks but not what I was looking for. I took a bunch of pictures tonight with my s8, and I had to re-take some of them which put things out of order and I was wondering if I can do that with the photos while they are in my phone, on the micro SD card, or do I need to download them to my computer to re-arrange? Thanks!

  6. M

    how to move pictures to an album tho? i am able to move photos from the camera section but how obnoxious that my photos are still all inventoried together in the "pictures" tab

  7. tayanita86

    I have s8plus but when I open my photos I dont have same options as shown in your video. I dont have auto adjusts icon which i always use to fix my photos. Instead I have three circles icon that has so many filters one of them is auto. Anyway to just have auto adjust icon? Thanks

  8. Books Onomy

    Thanks for the video!
    I have a question though… Can I increase the length of my story, since I have many photos that I want to include? It appears to only be allowing me to do one minute and 8 seconds…

  9. Alex P.

    Hi Great video! thanks, very happy with the s8 but with gallery I'm having trouble sliding to next picture the screen goes black I tried moving slowly but nothing. I have to go to the thumbnail size and click on the pic for it to come up. Any suggestions?? I'm also thinking of upgrading the app or replacing it any advice would be appreciated thanks.

  10. Tammy King

    Great Tutorial! Easy to follow. however it appears that story sharing has been stopped as of March 27, 2018., which is disappointing. Recommend adding "how t save and then find as a downloaded file". I am still trying to find mine. : )

  11. Mel B

    Great video!  I'm trying to MOVE pictures to albums.  When I tell them to move, they appear to be in the album, but when I return to Gallery, it's still there.  If I deleted it in the gallery, it deletes it from both the Gallery and the album.  What am I doing wrong?

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