Facebook Live Stream Gear: Best Lens for iPhone & Android!

Here’s the BEST Lens for iPhone and Android Facebook Live Videos! (Facebook Live Stream Gear!)

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– TECHO Universal Lens: (Amazon)
– AUKEY Ora Lens: (Amazon)
– Generic Lens: (Amazon)

Facebook Live Gear:
– Best Microphone for Facebook Live (iPhone and Android):
– Best Tripod for Facebook Live (iPhone and Android):

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— Facebook Live Stream Gear: Best Lens for iPhone & Android! —

It’s easy to get awesome results when running a Facebook Live Stream from your smartphone with just some basic gear.

Equipping a simple external lens to the front-facing camera of your iPhone or Android smartphone can add a whole new…

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36 Replies to “Facebook Live Stream Gear: Best Lens for iPhone & Android!”

  1. torngard

    Hello – and thank you for the informative video! Is it possible to use the Aukey or Techo while effectively using a teleprompter app? I'm looking forward to your feedback.

  2. Brad Dahr

    Thanks for this video. (Due to your videos I have invested in a light and two lapel mics are on the way!) I'm not sure if I have a lens issue or something else. When we do our mental health interviews via FB Live ( example:  https://www.facebook.com/ResilientHopeful/videos/1579092015482188/) it's typically me and another person sitting on a couch and my iPhone 7 in landscape position on a tripod. It seems challenging to fill up the frame with the two of us. Lots of space overhead. I think the fix is to bring the phone very close to us. Very close. So would a lens fix this?

  3. thisis ABSORB

    Hi Justin. Amazing video. I bought the Techo lens off the back of your review and the results are amazing. My only issue is that because the lens is so big, it covers the microphone on the front which means I sound like I'm underwater a little. I took the lens off during a live stream today to show everyone my new purchase, and on the replay, the sound is much better when I took it off.

    Have you had any of the same problems?

  4. Christopher K. Tatum

    I actually liked the phones camera the best. I don't like the wide angles on the Facebook Live. It's like why do I need to see your book shelf? If this was a photo o would crop that out anyway. Idk just my opinion.

  5. yuriy yakimov

    You are amazing bro!

    By the way, does this work on Iphone 4s front camera?

    Also can I use a len while moving or stand up with the cellphone in hands?

    Sorry for my English, cheers from Venezuela

  6. Joie Foster

    Thanks for this review and the tips! I'm a new email and channel subscriber of yours; I just found you yesterday! I have a question though– I thought it was a commonly accepted thing that wide angle lenses are unflattering for the subject? What are your thoughts on that? Are there other lenses for phones that could be more flattering? Thanks again, and I look forward to more videos.


    Just found you bro thanks for informative video . i was looking to go live view of Facebook live like pro . i got question thou WIRECAST studio have to use Camera to broadcast it hooking up on Computer i don't know the setting

  8. Utkarsh Khatal

    thanks for suggestion but actually I was looking for a lens, which would blur the background… so that I would be the only centre of attention….
    so please tell me about it
    thanks for reply

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