DTEK60 – My Transition from BB10 to BlackBerry Android – A 2 Week Review

After Years of using BB10 and loving it, I finally switched to a BlackBerry Android phone – the DTEK60. This is a my personal review of many of the BlackBerry features comparing the DTEK60, Google Pixel and Samsung S7. Things I discuss are the camera, battery, software, hardware and the many things BlackBerry did right and some of the things it needs to improve. I will be reviewing all 3 cameras in more detail and showing comparison photos on my Instagram feed @danielpateltoronto in the future. I want to thank everyone who make the time to watch my videos. I really hope they help clear up some of the questions and concerns of BlackBerry’s transition to Android.

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47 Replies to “DTEK60 – My Transition from BB10 to BlackBerry Android – A 2 Week Review”

  1. sudonym2010

    Sorry, i do like your videos but I have a bone to pick with you. You've obviously had a fairly good education, so, therefore, stop saying NOUGAT like Nu' Gat. Its pronounced NOO'GAA. I am sure you know what a Nougat is. Its a sweet, at times hard, confection that is used for making candies. Its origin is Persian and is a well established confection. Now, when you say NU'GAT instead of NOO'GAA i am temped to pronounce your name as PAYTEL, because as you know the Americans love to pronounce PA letters as PAY. However, I would have to sever my knowledge and education and trample upon years of experience and personal contact with many a friends from your origin to do so. I decided a long time ago, 'That a reasonable man adapts to the world around him. An unreasonable man expects the world to adapt to him. Therefore, all progress is made by the unreasonable man.' I suppose I am asking you to be unreasonable and not to be a follower in the march of the morons.

  2. Sherri Bell

    Very informative !! I too am a Blackberry Loyalist ! (15 years) I plan to upgrade from my Blackberry Z30 to the Blackberry DTek 60 this Christmas. I had a question for you. How do I transfer all the information I've got in my Remember files to my new Blackberry phone without having to retype everything into my new phone?

  3. Nucks26

    I'm trying to save money Daniel and you're not helping! I'm currently using the priv, I'm not sure if you had a chance to use that device, but it's obviously quite similar to the DTEK60 in terms of blackberry android. However, would you recommend a hardware upgrade to the DTEK60 from the priv?

  4. Dutch72NL

    Hi Daniel, I really enjoyed watching your review. I am still a BB Passport user and not looking forward to switch to Android in the future. I have 3 questions : 01) if using the hub to answer for example a WhatsApp message, does it open the app or can you send the reply straight out of the hub ?. 02) like in BB10, double tapping the space bar will give you a period ? 03) Can you change the colour of the led notification light ?. Please keep up the good work and it would be nice if you could inform the BB community on any software updates and improvements on your Dtek60 and compare it with BB10. Very useful for all BB10 users who didn't make the switch yet.

  5. I G

    nicely paced video, it was great to listen to you on one the new BB phones. Not a big fan personally (still mourning BB10) but a very good review!

  6. linn jazzy

    hi daniel , thank u for all reviews , i just bought one based on your video, i haven t open yet …. can you do a review regarding the sound from headphone jack. also i never use and blackerry or android …so that will be my first experience since my iphone… let see if you manage to convert me fully to a blackberry android phone .Any application for video playback ?

  7. Doug Collier

    great job! And an invite from BBRYFLOW , very cool. I might have been sold when you said "Starbucks app" :p. glad I stumbled across your vids. Lots of talk about Carrier availability for this device. Using BB Classic and time for an upgrade . Bell reps telling me they will be getting the dtek60 soon. Been a while since I had an all touch screen phone, but this one could be it.

  8. Traci Ventura

    Enjoyed the review. I'm a loyal BB 10 Z30 user. Love BB10 for all it does but need apps that work so made the decision to buy DTek60. Question, does anyone have info/link on how to transfer data (contacts/calendar/files) from Z30 to DTek60? Thanks!

  9. Sined

    Thank you very much for the detailed review/opinion. You really did touch on many small but important user aspects, that other reviewers just seem to gloss over with general comments. It really looked like a review of a man who actually used the phone and not just received it, spent a day/week with it and went to the next gadget. Cheers

  10. Rico4you

    Congrats on these videos and your dedication. As a BlackBerry user it's great to hear and see these updates. Could suggest as you covered quite a bit that in future you shows us the device in action and or any other device you are comparing. This helps in understanding what you mention. We saw you and your nice living room now show us the device alive and running. BTW Myself the productivity tab use a Peek feature like in 10OS . Swipe from where I have positioned and quickly see all info that I need. Then if something important I go into HUB. Would also be interesting to see your experience having the other devices running BlackBerry HUB suite apps available from PlayStore. Do you have a BBM channel? You could post info also there! Thank you. Sub from Madrid, Spain

  11. Andy CX

    An awesome review Daniel. Informative and attention to detail. I didn't have a glass of wine but had my dinner while watching this video. Very enjoyable. 🙂

    Say if you could rate from 1 to 10, how would you rate the Dtek60 against your S7 and Pixel on
    1. the camera and 2. the battery life?
    Thanks mate.

  12. PainFromBahrain

    Thanks for the detailed review, Daniel. just got my Dtek60 a few days ago and thoroughly enjoying it. The battery life is phenomenal, much better than my experience with the Priv.
    One feature that I feel you should have mentioned with regards to the hub, is the ability to pinch the screen to view only the unread emails and messages. I find it to be a great time saver and yet another way BlackBerry has made the user experience on the dtek60 smooth and efficient.

  13. TheWindowsphonelive

    Thank you Daniel.  This has been the best review of a phone that I've seen in a long time.  Using all 3 phones for a period of time so you could let us know not only how the DTEK60 works for you but how it compares to other top phones.  Please keep them coming.

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