Dropping the iPhone 6, Reviewing the Moto X, and Drooling Over HTC Rumors | Pocketnow Weekly 114

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If you ask us, the first thing you should do on iPhone launch day is take a long, hard look at the competition. Not because the iPhone is a bad product, but because everyone else tends to step up their game when Apple brings a new phone –or two– to the yard. And that’s more true than ever this year.

With that in mind, we’ll talk about all kinds of smartphone and smartwatch news and reviews today, from the new Motorola Moto X and Moto G to their wrist-worn, round-faced companion the Moto 360. We’ll also cover the latest letdown from OnePlus, the juiciest rumors from HTC, some sad news from Sony, and, yes: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8.

All that plus some cringeworthy video fun at a clumsy man’s expense, and the return of listener mail, await you! So if that’s the kind of podcast that bites your Apple, then the Pocketnow Weekly is the…

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48 Replies to “Dropping the iPhone 6, Reviewing the Moto X, and Drooling Over HTC Rumors | Pocketnow Weekly 114”

  1. Kajoro Bitterthorn

    To hell with all these M8 variants , and go pro camera rumours , they should make a new one max , they should make 2 versions one with the snapdragon 805 , and one with the 64-bit processor which they put on the 820 

  2. CheekyGoose

    WTF! No more style swap covers? I was so looking forward to the kevlar styleswap cover. I don't understand though, is it the covers that get damaged or the phone? First the yellow screen, now this. I wish I just spent an extra $300 and bought something worry free, in fact my whole experience has been nothing but worries ever since I joined the forums back in April.

  3. Toure Evelyn

    I was waiting for Dustin to say Come on Batman, why don't you give us a smile. HAHAHA Sounds just like the Joker lol. Sorry guys, and sorry Dustin i'm joking…maybe, but thank you guys for all the hard work and patience on Google Hangouts to give us all the info possible.

  4. ItsJustMusicals

    Sony would be mad to leave the European market. What they must stop is the 6 month cycle. Commit to the phones for a longer period will be more productive next to European consumers than to have them change phones every 6 months.

    Another thing Sony should do is strike a deal with Nokia. Now that Nokia is free of Microsoft but can't release phones until 2016, Sony would be wise to partner with them to license all the camera tech and all the other cool Nokia technologies and services. That would release Sony from the burden of R&D mobile photography tech and release them, for example, of bothering with the software side. If they would partner with Nokia and make the Nokia Z Launcher the future Sony Android skin, it would grant them not only the advantages of having the Nokia brand alongside theirs (two of the most popular mobile brands in Europe) and at the same time they would be releasing their Mobile division of areas where they spend too much money.

  5. Orbital

    Jesus are you guys off taste or what? The 6 is freakcing ugly….1: front looks as always with huuuuuge bezels and the same round ugly button -> ugly front. 2. the back is the worst in all Iphones ever. rubber lines and a camera that is popping put. Other than that there is nothing you can see on the back (aside foirm their stupid logo) ->ugly
    3: Bottom egde is clustered with a shocking amount of huge holes for speakers and more-> crazy ugly. Its basically a huge iPod 5. no invention no new ideas at all there on a already crap design. Pathetic performance, and when it was announed on the stream everyone was like "urgh, that thing is ugly as hell" but give ait just a few days of iSheep worshipping and suddnely its a beautiful masterpiece. Guys really, i expected more "realism" from you on PocketNOw or is it now AppleNow?

  6. E.C Dre 216 _

    I don't know what other phone to get my daily driver will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or maybe the edge I carry two phones and don't know what I want for my second phone. I know I don't want a IPhone or HTC so that leaves the LG G3 Moto G or is the good one the Moto X what else is there? I forgot the One something I never had a LG or Motorola product so don't know much about them if you have one of these tell me your thoughts on the phones. ..

  7. Howard Moon

    34:00 Sony has too many bland, under specced mid range phones which has diluted the brand but by playing hard ball in the flagship spec war will see them good. Enter Xperia Z3 Compact – right size, right spec, right price. An iPhone 5/6 sized phone with better specs than either but at half the price has got to sell.
    I predict this phone will turn things around for Sony's market share in Europe.

  8. Dan R.R.

    @Pocketnow I'm for Singapore… And in my opinion, Sony's advertising especially with it's mobile devices are kinda, meh… Especially in comparison with its competitors from both Apple and other Android OEMs like Samsung and HTC in particular…

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