Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II – Wireless Connection with an iOS Device

Effortlessly connect your Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II digital camera to share photos on a wireless network to your iOS Device.

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23 Replies to “Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II – Wireless Connection with an iOS Device”

  1. Maggie Green Art

    I was trying to set up a wireless connection with an iOS device. The video does not indicate what to do if the camera keeps trying to connect but can't. I was not able to complete installation.

  2. Indalesia

    This only works for me when I am uploading pictures. If I try to send videos from my camera to my phone, it only works with videos that are around 30 sec-45 sec long. Does anyone know how I can upload longer videos from the camera to my phone? Thanks

  3. Blisters and Bug Bites

    Can I use the APP to control the camera to take a movie or just still images? Even when I have the camera set to movie mode when I press the shutter button on my phone it just takes a still image -I'm hoping there is a way to take a video as well! THANKS!

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