BlackBerry Z10 vs LG Nexus 4

In this Video Waj compared the BlackBerry 10 to the LG Nexus 4. They are very similar but let us know which one you think has the edge. check out the links below for more information.
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23 Replies to “BlackBerry Z10 vs LG Nexus 4”

  1. UnlimitedEra

    Well i ordered bb z10 i've always been a bb fan so I made a better choice which is to have both iOS BB and Android at once, all i needed in an iOS and android is apps so i got an iPod and a galaxy tab and what I also needed in bb is it's amazing service plans and ofc it's bbm and it's flow style so i am really happy for my decision of ordering a white z10 i will keep on supporting bb aslong as i have the money 🙂 +1 for this channel

  2. Karol Przybyszewski

    I really love the Z10 even though I don't have on yet but that is only counting the lines of code in the kernels. The actual OS is probably larger on android but efficiency has little to do with total code size. The question is how operations does the cpu have to carry out in the core os loops and those kinds of things. QNX tends to be efficient though. Hard to really tell from the outside.

  3. Oscar E

    you asume is faster cause of the processor, but if you do a comparison in proscesing you'll notice the the BB10 OS runs smoother with less power. its 3 million code lines (android) against 100,000 code lines (BB10)

  4. NinjanoSeishin

    Uhm. I'm sorry, but I Sir am Canadian, not American. There is a patrolled border between the two Nations, and two seperate and different Governments. We also do not have States, we have Provinces and Territories. Get educated!

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