Best Official Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Accessories Samsung Unpacked

Video of the official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus accessories which were shown at the Samsung Unpacked Event including the new Gear 360 version 2, new Gear Vr with Controller, the official Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and much more. #samsungunpacked #samsung #s8 #s8+ #samsunggalaxys8 #samsungdex #dock #samsunggalaxys8officialaccessories #gear360 #samsunggalaxys8cases #gearvr #alcantaracover #ledcover #siliconecover #clearviewcover #akgearphones #clearcover #keyboardcover

Clear View Standing Cover

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21 Replies to “Best Official Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Accessories Samsung Unpacked”

  1. sayan1713

    Now that you saw the Galaxy S8 in person, do you think it is more beautiful than the Xiaomi Mi Mix? Which one do you think is the most beautiful and jaw dropping? I don't care about the best phone, I just wanna roll like a boss. Lol.

  2. Debra Dukes

    Absolutely Awesome Video can't wait to see you back and look forward to seeing more.Then one shot of the S8+ was stunning and stunning views all around.Thanks so much for sharing appreciate it Deb

  3. mikldude

    Good job mate , i`m thinking the cases can serve two purposes , one to give the phone a bit of protection , and the second thing is to keep a greasy finger separated from the camera lens .
    cheers .

  4. Brian M

    Nice video, good that we can just get the controller as it works with the two VR's I already have. Love the S8 but for work reasons I'll be waiting for Note8. Look forward to seeing your other videos! Will definitely be going for the Dex station with the Note8

  5. Dave West

    Mate so impressed with this effort, seriously. The fact you haven't wasted any of your time and made the most of your invite deserves praise. Great job man and the video work is just right. A nice change from the mainstay YouTube bunch. Keep up the good work ???

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