Battery or Power Problems After iOS 11 Update? An iPhone 6+ Repair

Need repair or data recovery?

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43 Replies to “Battery or Power Problems After iOS 11 Update? An iPhone 6+ Repair”

  1. Sean Coughlan

    i had a new battery, screen and home button fitted to my 6+, the phone worked fine but the battery percentage never left 49%. So i decided to update to iOS.11.3.1 and the device will power up and work for under a minute then reboot

  2. Edward Darkness

    Guys I just buy a power case charger it was working perfectly in iOS beta 3 then beta 4 has come and I update it then now my battery case is work just 6sc and turn off automatically! Anybody guys please help.


    I have an iphone 6 plus, i changed the charging port and battery and my iphone wont charge. The new battery i bought was half charged so it was able to power the phone . When i connect the charger it doesn't appear to charge.

  4. MonkeyMan

    Since having my screen replaced on my iPhone 7 Plus right at the time when iOS 11 came out I’ve had nothing but problems with lag scrolling and keyboard lag and another strange issue where the touch screen freezes when I make payments with Apple Pay. I’ve been dealing with this since the first version of iOS 11 I’m now running iOS 11.2.2 and still have these problems.

  5. pinedo76

    My wife has the 6s plus. The battery started dying rapidly. Jumping from 80% to 45% to 30 and so on and die. After a while she it just didnt charge. You get the charging logo but wouldn't power on. We had the battery replaced and it worked for about 2 months then the problem came back. It won't power on and its been setting this way since August. Do you think it could be fixed?

  6. drasticg

    the ios 11 killed my iphone 6 for sure, never had a problem until this update, been back to repair shop multiple times since and it over heats and fully drains new batterys until it wont switch on again, after years with apple im now going samsung at least the are honest with there faulty stuff and apple phones go slow after ios updates to make you buy their newest ones

  7. james hhvfgffg

    My iphone 5s dead because of the battery need to be replace after updating to ios 11
    The repair guy said that i need to update from itunes or not updating at all because ios 11 is to heavy for iphone 5s

  8. Syed Sadi

    My i phone 6(16gb) isnt working, stucked on apple logo and restarting again and again.
    When i connected with my pc(itunes) it says error and not updating.
    I have tried for 100 of times but nothing happened.
    PLEASE HELP MAN!!!!!!!

  9. Mateusz Łącki

    Its nice that you show also the disassembly part and how do you hook up various pieces together. For example I found it cool to see how you activate the board using just battery connector and simulate the power button by shorting something on the board. Until now I did that by putting a lightening connector that triggered boot. Your way is better.

  10. S0raJr

    After updating to iOS 11.1 my battery life is back to normal. I never use over the air update, I connect my iPhone 7 to iTunes then update. It’s better that way

  11. Tony Tone

    I've been having weird schtuff happing too.
    ->Staples mini 1" binder and clear business card holder and label slots for your IC's. Super convenient.
    Oh dude, I am having the same exact shit! Losing my hair. Ahhh!

  12. The Dollar Guy

    My iphone7 worked with glitches after iOS11, then gets stuck in a bootloop. On occasion it will load the OS, receive messages etc. But attempts to do much more causes the device to lock and get fairly warm. If you wait long enough, the operation/task will complete…. or reboot. Once in an app, the phone works perfectly without issues (like a game for example) from what I can tell. It's switching between tiles that The problems occur. The phone is 2 weeks past warranty and Apple says the logicboard is bad and wants me to buy a replacement for $350. Yet the guy at the service center can't actually perform any kind of test to actually confirm the logic board is bad. I know good and well the logicboard has to have some form of advanced self diagnostic, but I am being lied to. The phone worked on 10.3.3 perfectly. So is my logic board really bad? I am very adept at electronics, but I don't work on phones enough to recognize particular trends of failures. Can you help in any way? Phone has never been serviced or opened. I did chuck it after missing an important call when iOS11 locked up for the umpteenth time. I have yet to successfully make or answer a call with 11 before or after the throw. Same perpetual reboot with iOS finally loading after a few hours at which it tries to work (as before), constantly locking up etc. Otherwise, I am going to dump it for what I can in one of the phone buyback vending machines. A simple downgrade to 10.3.3 if possible would confirm board damage without opening the device.

  13. Ray

    I work on MacBooks and iPhones and since the switch to the new APFS my MacBooks with High Sierra would sometime chime 2-3 times before booting where they would only only chime once and start normally on the older hierarchical file system(hfs). Now I see charging and booting issues with iOS 11 which uses apfs

  14. IslamCohérence&Pertinence.

    Hello Jason,
    Please i need an advice. I have an iphone 6 with touch problem, no water damaged. I changed the two ic touch but now the phone doesn't turn on but it consume 0.45A, no more, no less, just 0.45A ! Can you give me some advice please! I used 350°C to changed the two ic. I remove the two ic and tried to turn it on but its the same. Thank you very much.

  15. My Iphone Rehab

    Hi Jason, IOS 11 seems to be the new generation (Software) "Touch Disease" with after market screen replacements on the Iphone 6 "S" series and the Iphone 7 models. You may also see strange boot looping, slow response from touch and Loud speaker not working (Voice Memo Greyed out). I have had a couple so far…one was downgraded to 10.3.3 and worked 100% after and the other, put on an original cracked 7 plus for testing and worked 100%. Just ordered the Original 7 Plus screen for that one. Minho (@refectio) from IFixit Pros has written a Blog about the issue and adding updates to it as time goes by… Hope this helps 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  16. ktmfan218

    I have a fairly new iPhone 7 Plus that as of the update yesterday is having major battery issues that’s it’s never had.

    My 6 plus always had battery issues. It would be at 100 to 50 within minutes at times. Then dies.

  17. MasterTech Tools

    Did an iPhone 7 plus tonight. First time I saw the apple logo boot apple logo boot. Even had a 3 time apple logo then phone finally booted. Asked customer is this on ios 11. Answer was yes. Said it was normal now on the phone. Ear speaker failed to work. Took on and off 3 times to check alignment of ear speaker and check for any blockage. Turned blue tooth off. Thinking maybe it it was possible connected to ear buds car who knows as speaker phone mode worked on calls. Sure enough speaker worked after turning blue tooth off. Then it kept working after blue tooth was turned back on. (Blue Tooth is rumored to have issues ios 11)This isn't my first screen replacement. Very rarely do I get a speaker not working on 1st try reassemble. These are just a few things I notice in my first encounter with ios 11. Still havent updated my personal 6+ from 10.3. Enjoy the videos. Here in Missouri you gotta "Show Me"! Keep up the good work

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