Apple iPhone 6s: Rose Gold vs Silver vs Gold vs Space Gray [Color Comparison]

A comparison of the new Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Space Gray iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with initial impressions! Which one should you choose?

iPhone 6s All Colors Unboxing:
iPhone 6s Plus All Colors Unboxing:

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43 Replies to “Apple iPhone 6s: Rose Gold vs Silver vs Gold vs Space Gray [Color Comparison]”

  1. Bubble Gum Queen

    this what I think
    ~ Rose Gold ~
    newest color on Apple. It's a very pretty Pink, AKA Rose Gold, it's not just pink, it also has a hint of gold, in my opinion it's an awesome color! it's also the most popular right now!
    ~ Gold ~
    pretty popular too. it's been since iPhone 5s, it's a VERY pretty for a phone! it's "old" but it's awesome too!
    ~ Silver ~
    pretty, just it's been since 2007, but it's a pretty color, if you want a simple phone, get silver!
    ~ Space Gray ~ Dark Silver in the back, and a beautiful shiny black in the front, awesome!

  2. Tiger

    I'm going to give my opinion here on all of these.
    Space Gray:
    Well,I did own an iPhone 6 Space Gray 16GB but quickly got rid of it,at first when I didn't have it I thought it was cool,but it started to look boring and I eventually gave it to my dad who had an iPhone 5s silver,which was given to my mom.Her 4s black was given to my grandma and my grandmas' non-touchscreen phone isn't in use anymore.Don't get the space gray,it will start to look boring.
    My current iPhone is a 6s Gold 64 GB and what can I say,I absolutely love it.Definetly my favourite color for the iPhone,it overall looks so clean and nice.Get this one if you want to get a 6s 🙂
    My brother has a 6s silver,he likes it very much but I think that it just looks very plain.That's only my opinion,people may have other opinions.
    Rose Gold:
    My parents say this phone is for girls,as I don't have any sisters.However,I actually really like the way it looks like!It can't compare with the gold obviously gold is the best,but rose gold definetly looks nice aswell!My aunt has one,my uncle has a space gray.
    Definetly love the iPhone,but as i said,if you are looking to get one,get the gold.
    Again only my opinion,people may have different opinions!

  3. E Nick

    I'm a guy I got the rose gold and I regret nothing. It really isn't as pink as it looks on camera. I feel like in indoor lighting it's definitely more on the pale pink side, but the phone really does change colors depending on the lighting. I've had people mistake it for the regular gold. It seems to change from a soft pink color to a true bronze-y rose gold.

  4. Quit Deleted

    hey everyone! Since I'm upgrading my phone on November from my 2 year contract, I decided to get an iPhone 6s. But the problem is that I can't decide which color to get, should I get rose gold or space grey ? My favorite color is that shade of pink and I definitely think the rose gold is GORGEOUS, but I also really like the space grey because of the black front and since I'm all about those dark colors (even all of my clothes are just dark colors). So which one do you think I should get ? helppp

  5. Reyford Tinamisan

    I have always had black. Slate grey iPad mini, black iPad, space grey iPod, and all my phones were space grey/ black AND I REALLY DO LOVE IT, but this year I've decided to go for Rose gold just to switch it up a bit and to make a statement that colours don't have genders, nor does a colour "genderize" someones gender, sexuality, etc.

  6. Baby Ash

    Can you send me a rose gold iPhone 6 plus?? lol please im desperate. or get me a rainbow cookie phone case for an LG phone about half a foot maybe a little less but not the size of an iPhone 6 plus/iPhone 6 but k

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